Technical Support

Complete tech support for businesses and sole traders. Our clients love the fact they can call a number any time of the day and talk to someone local and understanding. Who knows their systems inside out and don’t have to explain stuff again and again to different technicians.

PC & Mac Repair/Troubleshooting/Upgrades

All brands (and non-brands) of computers supported. Including Apple Macs.


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Personalised computer service

You get customised & flexible service. You are not a number or a nuisance to us. We want you to be happy and it shows in our reviews.

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Complete Recovery from Local & External Drives

No recovery, no fee. Fixed fees per device. Not per hour.

Photos & Video Recovery

If you have memory cards or dead hard drives; we will attempt recovery for you. No success means no fees. Nothing to lose by coming to us.

Mobile Phone Recovery

We recover from iPhones and all brands of Android phones, digital cameras and other devices.

Need file recovery?

Whether it’s a dead computer or phone, corrupted memory card or external hard drives – we can recover from anything. If we are unsuccessful because of severe damage, there is no charge for the attempt. If we do, we’ll charge a flat fee that’s usually between $75 and $150 max.

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Router Setup

Network Cabling

Rural 4G

Networking services

We do all kinds of wired and wireless networking for homes and offices. We specialise in Ubiquiti, Grandstream, Cambium, Aruba and other enterprise solutions as well as Netgear, TP-Link and Linksys.

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Liquid or Dropped Phone Damage

Whether you soaked your phone or dropped it, we can attempt to repair or recover the data.

iPhone, iPad Screen repairs

We fix all iPhone and iPad screens. Some Samsung phones also can be done.

Migrate, Restore & Backup Service

Phone to phone data migration, restore and backup services. Fixed Fee.

Mobile Phone Repairs

All jobs regarding liquid damage, dropped, boot loops and data recovery are gladly accepted.

We do not do screen repairs unless it’s part of another repair.

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Video & Film

Convert any old videos

VHS • Betamax  • Video 8 • Hi-8 • Digital 8 • Mini DVBetacam • Camcorder Tapes • Umatic • Mini DVD DVCAM • DVCPro  • 1″ EIAJ Reels • 1″ C Type Reels

Projectors (8mm, 16mm, 35mm)


Convert from any audio source

Dictaphone Tapes Compact Cassette DAT PCM Audio

MiniDisc Micro-cassette Mini-Cassette Cassette 

Vinyl Records Phone Memos Field Recorders 1/4″ reels


Slides, Negatives, Prints

Convert your old fading photos into digital photo files and view on any Mac, PC, Mobiles, iPads and TVs

Video, Audio and Photo Services

Where you get customised & flexible service. You are not a number or a nuisance to us. We want you to be happy and it shows in our reviews.

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Free diagnostics

We always provide free diagnostics, quotes and assessments. So you have nothing to lose by bringing your device to us and getting an opinion.

Fast repair

In some cases we provide same day services. Usually its 1-2 days. Rarely it's 3-7 days. And that's still faster than going to big retailers and providers.

60 days warranty

We offer free 60 days follow up services and warranty on labour. Come back within 60 days and we wont charge a penny unless ofcourse it's a totally unrelated issue.

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